Rehabilitating the Community through Innovation and Mobilization


Interlink Outreach Program (I.O.P.)


The Interlink Outreach Program (I.O.P.) provides Internet and cell phone amenities free of charge to the homeless as part of Karma Camp’s Mobilized Outreach Program (M.O.P.). Karma Camp travels to meet its clients where they live, similar to our outreach programs. There we assist the homeless by providing them Internet use and data storage. Items such as resumes, copies of certificates, email and other pertinent information can be safely stored for use at another time. Individuals are also provided cell phone access in order to have ongoing communication with the outside world. At KC we believe it is important to have systems in place for people to reconnect and stay connected with support systems, such as friends, family, counselors, clinicians and doctors. Moreover, providing systems for communication is an absolute necessity and a vital part of the methodology of rehabilitating. Whether your circumstances are temporary or semi-permanent, the Internet and cell phone communication helps to level the playing field by giving an individual a voice and access to massive amounts of information and resources.


Providing systems for communication is an absolute necessity.


Community Outreach Groups (C.O.G.)


Karma Camp seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them opportunities to create change in their own communities. These Community Outreach Groups (C.O.G.s) serve and collaborate with a diverse group of local agencies and individuals to establish solutions to help underserved areas and individuals in need. The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable and essential resource. Karma Camp’s goal through this Community Development effort will encourage our volunteers to take on roles, develop skills and form large teams for a common agenda with Karma Camp support to ensure consistency and longevity. This is crucial to the continuity and the future existence of these teams.

  • Youth Mentoring Group Services include: mentoring, providing resources, education, activities and more.
  • Community Restoration & Cleanup Group Services include: cleaning up cities/beaches, and working with homeless on this assignment as part of a work incentive program.
  • Elder Care Support Group Services include: providing care, support and activities for the elderly who may not have frequent visitation.
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Support Group Services include: providing support, education and other care and/or resources.
  • Animal Advocacy Group Services include: focusing on animal overpopulation, animal abuse and animal well being/education.

Mobilized Outreach Program (M.O.P.)


The same way that fire rescue teams go directly to an individual’s home to provide assistance in times of emergency or crisis – Karma Camp’s mission is to mobilize into the homeless community to provide support to those with an urgent need.

Karma Camp’s Mobilized Outreach Program (M.O.P.) consists of a coach bus to provide on-sight services for clients to obtain services such as mental, physical, and dental evaluations. Clients will also receive case management services, providing resources and advocacy to obtain and sustain better living conditions. Mentoring programs will be available that will provide support systems for rape, domestic violence survivors and addiction recovery programs. Clients will meet with professionals one-on-one or in groups for therapeutic and rehabilitative services. This mobile multi-service bus will be linked to Karma Camp’s Interlink Outreach Program (I.O.P.), providing Internet and communication assistance for clients to broaden their ability to reestablish themselves into today’s world and create support circles through contact with important figures in their lives.

The MOP also consists of two additional units making this service a homeless shelter on wheels. Supplied with two trailers, one equipped with shower stalls that can be towed to various homeless encampments and the second trailer will be equipped with washers and dryers to provide the homeless alternatives to improving their hygiene. This unit will also provide a locker/storage system for those who wish to keep their belongings safe while they participate in interviews, internships or are working at their jobs.

Karma Camp projects the Mobilized Outreach Program will serve at least 1,200 clients per year and transition 25% of those clients into a stabilized and healthy living environment within 60 days.

KC New Projects

The City of Costa Mesa

Phase 1: Storage/Check-In Center

Karma Camp is currently working with the City of Costa Mesa to provide a storage/check-In center. Karma Camp will manage the operations of this facility and give Costa Mesa’s homeless free storage solutions for their personal belongings – meantime it will improve our city streets as requested by residents and help eliminate the effects of new city ordinances which require law enforcement to remove unattended personal belongings.

Phase 2: Emergency Shelter/Multi-Service Center

Karma Camp is also working on the implementation of an emergency shelter for the homeless, which currently there is nothing available for individuals in desperate times of need and unpredictable weather conditions. The shelter will also be home to a Multi-service day center which will provide services such as mental, physical, and dental assessments and individual treatment plans and support and resources in job training, social skills, counseling and mentoring. Each participant will receive one-on-one case management services and a plan of action to meet their specific needs.

Phase 3: Permanent Housing Karma Camp is also working on a third phase which includes a transitional housing project which will provide options for long-term/permanent housing by method of purchasing old ran down/seedy hotels/motels in the City of Costa Mesa. This will help redevelop the city with a better and cleaner atmosphere and provide homeless individuals a clean and safe living environment in order to maximize their rehabilitation process. These programs will be customized to each individuals need providing support up to 2 years -transitioning from emergency to permanency. Individuals suffering from more acute mental deficiencies may require longer program stay and/or specialized services.

The County of Orange

Temporary Emergency Shelter (18-21)

Karma Camp has also identified an additional need within Orange County and is working towards the development of a temporary emergency shelter for emancipated foster youth ages 18-21 for intake and assessment to determine quality permanent placement. Services include transitional living and mentoring program, individual treatment plans (this includes case management per each individual, food, short-to-long-term housing, education such as learning a trade or college courses, money management, social-life skills, therapy/counseling etc.)

Transitional Housing (18-21)

Karma Camp is also on providing the county a permanent solution for these minors through the development of transitional housing. This will be accomplished through KC managed scattered sites throughout Orange County. Initial sites include cities such as: Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Tustin and Orange. This housing option will provide youth between the ages of 18-21 the opportunity to be mentored and engaged with individuals that will provide ongoing support, hope and love in an effort to get them ready to be productive members of society with the appropriate skills and abilities to become self sufficient. This will be very similar to the phase II of the project with the City of Costa Mesa.

As of now options for young adults are limited and there are no programs in place for assessment to determine a “best place” scenario to improve the success rate of transitioning youth. That is where Karma Camp’s benchmark program comes in to help facilitate this specific need, supporting our local county to prevent further/additional poverty and homelessness in our communities.