Rehabilitating the Community through Innovation and Mobilization


Gregory Sipe, Executive Director

Greg has over 15 years of experience in business, sales and marketing management with emphasis in community rehabilitation, addiction treatment and mental health. He has also developed and consulted several small business ventures within the local community of Orange County.

Greg’s progressive experience in business has lead to the development of an effective system with tools that enhance new ventures with an implementation method to ensure its overall success. Greg uses a proactive approach utilizing program identification, assessment and implementation plans to harness a company’s strengths and address weaknesses to ensure productivity. Greg’s effective communication skills allow him the ability to work with multiple groups: individual, small and large organizations.

He has over seven years of professional experience in the field of addiction treatment and mental health, working in medical and social models both inpatient and outpatient and dual diagnosis modalities. Greg has been committed to developing, teaching and implementing strategies to support recovery and mental health programs across Southern California. Greg has actively led programs for Nationally Renowned Treatment Facilities in the areas of life recovery, interventions in individual, group and family therapy, relapse prevention, life skills, outpatient and after-care programs.

He has developed several entrepreneurial-based businesses in the local community of Orange County. He believes in creating new ways of business from an entrepreneurial methodology. Identifying the specific needs in regards to supply and demand within local communities strategically addressing business development and organization methods to ensure for company growth to become self-sustaining and successful in long-term growth. Creating opportunity for innovative ideas into realities in allowing for new business ventures and creating long-term job opportunities to help ensure community growth and development is one of many goals.

He graduated in 2009 from Vanguard University with Cum Laude earning his Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Management. In 2013, Greg completed his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Organizational Behavior.

Greg’s dedication to Karma Camp’s mission is in working towards breaking down stigmas and walls of judgment in our homeless communities. He believes in creating a venue for the process of effective communication between government and churches to work collaboratively in efforts to implement innovative methods. He strongly believes in community development, its ability to take responsibility and action in making change. Karma Camp will be a leader in strategically identifying the needs of communities and developing methods through benchmarks of similar models. We strive to support communities in the implementation of these “best models” and act as a facilitator. Karma Camp will oversee the infrastructure of each model to ensure its effectiveness and long-term success while modifying programs to meet evolving needs.

Overall, Karma Camp will provide the community long-term initiatives to establish preventive measures and break reoccurring cycles. Our efforts through collaboration will prevent and diminish homelessness in Orange County.