Rehabilitating the Community through Innovation and Mobilization


Karma Camp Volunteers play the most important role in helping us provide support and services to individuals, families, and communities who need a helping hand. What are their reasons for supporting Karma Camp’s mission? Here are a few of those reasons…


With advancement in technology, I have noticed how people tend to get lost in our mini internet bubbles. As a result, the sense of local community has suffered somewhat. I am inspired by what Karma Camp is doing to rehabilitate communities, bringing people together who care about giving back to the community. This organization reminds us that we DO have neighbors and some of us neighbors need a lending hand.

– Andy Tran


I have been volunteering with multiple organizations since I was a little kid. Karma Camp is really a whole new approach to volunteering and being a part of the community and I am really excited about the work we are doing. Karma Camp is founded on the “see a need, fill that need” philosophy. It isn’t just one area of helping. It’s a broad spectrum that allows volunteers to use their skills and passions to make a difference in their own communities. I am really excited to be heading up the “Animal Advocacy” program, focusing on animal overpopulation, animal abuse, animal well being and education. Heading up this program really allows me to put my passion for animals into great use and it is just 1 of the 5 main group leadership programs Karma Camp has put together by empowering its volunteers to make a difference and take charge of a need in the community.

– Michelle Fay


Getting involved with Karma Camp has been awesome. There is so much need in our community; from helping those suffering with addiction to feeding the homeless and helping youth. Through Karma Camp I’ve been able to use my personal skills and experience to get involved by volunteering the way I choose. Because of this my volunteering focus will be on helping victims of domestic violence. This organization is vital for the community, not only for those expressing needs, but for those looking for volunteer opportunities. I love it and am excited to see us grow together.

– Frances Wyatt


I came to Karma Camp in December after a recommendation from a friend who had met Sean and Greg. I have always been active in local charities and non-profits but have at times felt limited as to how much I could do as a volunteer. After meeting with Greg and hearing of his plans, hopes and dreams for Karma Camp I knew this was an organization that I could really connect with and make a difference in the community. I have always had a passion to help the homeless as well as underprivileged children and the events that Karma Camp holds gives me the ability to exercise my need to make a difference. The passion and positivity that surrounds Karma Camp speaks to my heart and inspires me to be involved. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing team!

– Sheree Jean Davis

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