Rehabilitating the Community through Innovation and Mobilization


Mission statement:

Rehabilitating the community through Innovation and Mobilization. Karma Camp’s primary focus is confronting poverty and homelessness head-on, developing and implementing solutions that will become self-sustainable to prevent reoccurring cycles, and supporting initiatives that will produce effective outcomes through community development.




Karma Camp’s focus on rehabilitation is to help people who are over-looked and underserved by establishing community-based programs. This effort also promotes collaboration among volunteer leaders, the people we assist including their families, and other concerned citizens in providing equal opportunities. Opportunities include access to physical and mental support abilities, resources and opportunities, becoming active contributors to the society at large. Rehabilitation also means activating communities to promote and protect the human rights of individuals within the community. Karma Camp emphasizes the importance of the participation of people in the community who are struggling or homeless in the planning and implementation of our programs. Collaboration between these individuals, the community, and the service providers is vital to the program’s success.

Innovation at Karma Camp often reveals itself through new methods or ideas that then translate into new services and/or projects in an effort to help the community meet their evolving needs. The challenge and creative process occurs as we develop new ways in making this a self sustained project by continually expanding and making necessary adjustments that will ensure its constant reoccurrence. We are constantly evaluating our programs and measuring results with the help of the community and its volunteers. We have found that today’s volunteers want vastly different things from volunteering than what has been done generations before. The volunteer experience needs to be flexible, meaningful, and manageable for the volunteer. Rather than focusing on what worked at one point, our focus is to support innovation, change, and growth.

Karma Camp believes in providing immediate, effective and sustainable support to communities in need by harnessing the energy and commitment of dedicated volunteers. Community mobilization is a process through which the community itself stimulates action: organization, implementation and evaluation through its volunteers with a common goal of empowering others. This collaborative effort will be accomplished through the supplying of food, clothing, medical care, hygienic items, counseling, and even internet and communication assistance. Our focus also involves supporting our local community with disaster-service projects relevant to response functions. Our lasting effort is to empower all underserved and underprivileged communities in strengthening their voice, giving them decision-­‐making powers, and by providing them access to resources they need in order to be rehabilitated.